Why Destination Dolpo?

There are so many travels and trekking agencies in Nepal. So the question may arise, “why should I be travelling with the Destination Dolpo ?”

The answer is quite simple as we are one of the major travels and tours companies from the highlands of Dolpo itself. The knowledge and expertise that we have is incomparable with any other trekking companies along the region as we have not only the team of like-minded strong team members, but also the courage to make the region even more eco-friendly  and popular in and abroad. So Destination Dolpo is a one stop solution for trekking around the Dolpo region.

Our Philosophy

Our intention is to contribute as much to the people of Dolpo as possible. Many outside outfitters employ porters, guides and cooks from outside Dolpo. They also bring their own provision and camp outside the villages. They contribute little to the local economy and their interaction with the Dolpo-pa is very limited. We want to change this and believe we can empower the Dolpo-pa to have a sustainable economic benefit from their beautiful land. In recent years the people have become too much dependent on Yarsha Gumba (a regional herb found in the region) harvesting as the trade of salt has been drastically minimized, We hope that your adventure can help to change this situation and promote tourism around the Dolpo-pa region.   

The local markets of handicrafts are still in the phase of budding in the dolpo region. There will be a plenty of opportunities of information sharing and getting first- hand experience about the lifestyle and detailed history of the Dolpo region.

You can expect the surprising program in the rest day along with any trek that you make with us. As this program will be a surprising one, for further information about it, please do contact us.

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