Hailing from Phoksundo, Dolpa, Semduk Lama received his schooling from the village of Dolpa. Though he belongs to simple farmer family, his range of experience and expertise in the field of social sector as well as in the field of conducting managerial work in Trapriza Secondary School makes him a very experienced man. He is founder of the school as well as an NGO Tashi-D (Tapriza Association for Social Help in Dolpo). His long time exposure not only limits to  and social sectors, but also his involvement in various NGOs and INGOs and also being the vice-secretary of Nepal Bon Buddhist Federation develops and moulds his personality as an open Encyclopedia of the Dolpo region.

Mr. Lama is a passionate traveler and in the beginning, due to his passion for traveling, worked as a guide and has a wide range of experience in this field too. Due to his friendly nature, he still maintains a good relation with the local people as well as friends from abroad.  So by applying his expertise in the field of trekking and tours, he is now currently running Destination Dolpo as a chairperson of this agency.