During September- October 2016 our team trekking for one month in Shey Phoksundo National Park. The trip was arranged by Semduk Lama, managing director of the Destination Dolpo Agency on behalf of Peter Werth. Our route included Ringmo, Pugmo, Shey Gompa and Saldang as well as four high passes.

I would like to compliment Lama highly on his exceptional ability to organize our trek so that it functioned smoothly and was most enjoyable this staff of seve, from Gyamtso Rokaya and Duksai Baiji to Sanjay Bhandari and Dhan Khatri was most helpful at all time. Never have I been on a trek with such efficient staff who  staff served such good meals, offered hot drinks on cold mornings, and set up camp so expertly. I commend Semduk Lama highly for our wonderful trek and his sincere dedication to the task .